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Hi, Im Karen

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How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become a Holistic Practitioner?


This story brought me to where I am today – coaching people like you on exactly what to do to reconnect with their authentic, whole selves. 


That defining moment happened in 1999.

I was house sitting and animal caretaking and woke in the middle of the night with pain in my shoulder. It hurt to breathe, and I wondered if I had a heart attack. With my husband's comfort, I was able to calm down and go to sleep. The pain would move to different areas of my body within 12-24 hours. So I sought the advice of the medical community. They ran every blood test they possibly could, and everything returned negative. I was ultimately diagnosed with rheumatism. I knew that wasn't right – but my doctors wouldn't listen to me! Instead, they wanted to make me their guinea pig, testing out one drug after another. 


I wouldn't allow it. My intuition kicked in and said, "no, this is NOT what you need to do." I got a call from my cousin, who gave me a lead on a bio-energetic practitioner. It felt right to go see her. (Angels communicate through many different sources, after all!) This kicked off my healing journey.


Healing is painful. My body had to detox. I had to change my diet completely, go down to part-time work, and allow the spiritual awakening that was so eager to enter my Life. I had to stop being Super Woman. I had to learn to take care of myself first. I was in crippling pain. It started in the front pad of my feet, and by the time I got home every day, it hurt to walk. All I could do was scoot – sliding my feet across the floor. I was exhausted. It felt like if I moved a fraction of an inch, my limbs would fall off. The pain increased to an intolerable decibel at night, but I did not take any pain meds. I refused to put any more toxins in my body.


My dog, Candy, was my sidekick through it all. I had rescued her from an abusive home, and we connected right away. A Rottweiler/Lab mix, she was excellently trained.


Sometimes, the pain would become so intense I would literally throw up. More than once, I even passed out. I would go into the bathroom alone each time, but when I awoke, Candy was always beside me. Wherever I had been when I was passed out, I knew beings were working to heal me. I had many of these experiences on the other side. Coming back to Candy was my grounding point.


Each night for three months, I would pet Candy and pray that God would let me go to sleep. Eventually, as I learned that I couldn't push myself over the edge and stress myself as before, I began to heal.


Two years into my naturopathic work, though, stress arose at home that I couldn't avoid. I felt the pain returning. I knew emotions were not centered. And that's when Candy started to limp and whimper.

I began scanning her cellular electrical system using a sample of her hair. All the markers pointed to a severe condition.


I took Candy to the vet (and not the vet I wanted), and when I returned, the doctor confirmed bone cancer. That wasn't the worst of it - the doctor had broken her leg in the process of giving her an x-ray. Her leg was just hanging there. He hadn't even set it for her. I left sobbing.


I took Candy home and made her as comfortable as I could. My daughter came home from school, and Candy began to cry. I knew she had chosen to go when we were all together as a family. She was put to sleep in our home, on her own little bed. She went peacefully, but I knew I had lost a part of myself.

When we took her to the Humane Society to be cremated, there was a puppy at the gate who would not be ignored. She barked incessantly and even used her teeth to shake the gate. As I approached, I realized she was the exact coloring of Candy. Stunned, I stooped down, looked the dog in her eyes, and said, "who are you?" The puppy just wagged her tail and looked at me with unconditional Love.


I knew I couldn't take her home that day, but I promised her that I would if she was still there when I was truly ready. A few days later, our family decided that the time was right. We returned to the Humane Society and described the dog. "Oh, you mean Lucy?" they said, "Lucy Lacy!" I thought. I knew it was meant to be.


She ran to us without hesitation. She was ours. She somehow knew the same hand signals that Candy had known as she grew up.


Years after, I was in Austin, Texas, seeking the profound healing and direction provided by two shamans. I was on a table. One shaman brought my soul into the room. The other was doing bodywork on the back of my neck. "There is a spirit coming through that has a message for you. Do you want it?" "Yes! I said. "Don't laugh at me," he said, "but I'm hearing Candy." I started sobbing. 


I knew then that Candy had taken the bone cancer from my own body into hers. The shaman confirmed this. He said Candy was so grateful that I had rescued her that she considered it "an eye for an eye." (She also confirmed that she did come back as Lucy.) Candy was the confirmation I needed that this healing energy work was the right course for me.


As Lucy got on in years, she began doing energy work with me and my friend Shannon, a.k.a Spirit Walker, when he came to Colorado. 


When Lucy passed, she came back as Midge and brought my newest sidekicks with her sister Abbey. They are both here to do different kinds of energy work with me, so we will explore that as they get a little older.

Since my healing, I have been learning more about my recovery and understanding the why's. Everything is energy, there are no mistakes or accidents in Life, and everything has a meaning and a lesson for our purpose of awakening. Awakening to what? Our authentic, all-knowing Higher/God selves. Learning to Love every experience, every emotion, every ounce of pain, every struggle or trauma to diminish the fear that keeps us prisoners to our own dogmatic belief systems. Our school of Life is the most meaningful education we get that doesn't reward you with a diploma because diplomas aren't needed in this school.


Through the guidance and presence of my dog guides, I continue to maintain my health, work on my marriage and all relationships, and create my dream life. I healed my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, past beliefs, and behaviors and started teaching Spiritual successful entrepreneur women and men who are ready to get off the fence how they can do the same: I've watched their overall health improve, self-confidence grows, self-responsibility take shape, their stress reactions disappear, and all their relationships improve too! 


I have since committed to dedicating the rest of my professional life to helping other successful Entrepreneur women and men reach their health goals, shed the emotional backpack with Grace and Love and experience, and meet their Authentic selves.


Since then, I've worked with many private clients for 16 years as a Holistic Practitioner and Spiritual Coach, speaking in front of many groups: I lived my dream of Loving myself, having the intuitiveness and knowingness of how to direct my life, and allowing Love and Joy back into my heart. 


This saw the birth of my 90-day Spiritual coaching program, Unleashing Your Authenticity. This 4 step coaching program helps you heal through unworthiness, self-sabotage, habitual behavior, and demeaning beliefs. It shows you how you can look in the mirror to know and Love whom you are looking at. It offers freedom from living a life others expect or want you to live for them instead of living a life that fills you with Joy, Peace, and Fulfillment. All of life comes to US with ease, joy, and glory, I will show you exactly how that is possible. 

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