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This is an amazing evolution in how to take nutritional supplements through transdermal delivery over 8 hours time. You absorb 85% this way as opposed to digestively which can be anywhere from 15%-50%.


The 1" square patches are a non-latex adhesive, biodegradable fabric that is water soluble. Water will wash away the nutrients. The nutritional aspects are broken down into Nano particles for easy absorbtion. This gives your digestive system rest from oral supplementation and allows you to heal your microbiome with the Amare products.


It is not possible to use Probiotics or Enzymes with patch apps because those are living organisms.


This link will take you to the website to research the products, uses, ingredients and purchasing possibilities. If you have questions, I encourage you to contact me directly. If you choose to place an order please use my Member ID: karenlacy

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